Economics (Academic) Job Market:

  • Let’s get ready! [my presentation to job candidates as part of the placement committee]
  • Advice from our very own John Cawley on the job market
  • Advice from one of my favourite academics (Alex Eble) on job market, PhD life and development work
  • Advice from an excellent senior professor (Chris Blattman) on the job market
  • Jen Doleac’s great curated list of Twitter threads and other resources on job market, PhD life, etc.
  • Professional Development opportunities compiled by CSWEP
  • Advice on how to write a good diversity statement

Applying for grad studies in Economics:

  • Should I get PhD? Advice from Chris Blattman
  • Advice on econ grad school from Susan Athey
  • Twitter thread from Gina Peters on the hidden curriculum of grad school applications
  • Twitter thread from Roman Feiman on the PhD SOP/research statement

A somewhat random collection of useful links: